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Website and Organization Management Tools for Non-Programmers
In June of 2009, our sister company, InetAvenues - a custom web development company, was approached to bid on the design and maintenance of a new website for a local genealogical society.  In reviewing the requirements that were laid out, it was very apparent that the cost of InetAvenues maintaining the website on a monthly basis would quickly exceed the given budget.  Being a custom programming house, InetAvenues decided to recommend a template driven, custom designed application that the society could use to operate and maintain its own site -- but with the caveat that no real technical or programming experience beyond using a web browser being needed. The organization agreed and the "pre-version" of EasyNetSites was born.
Shortly after the first site went live, another local society grew interested in what had been created and asked if they might use the same software, but with their own look.  It made good sense at that time to investigate the possibilities further, so in July of 2009, "EasyNetSites" was unofficially established and began working with the second society, a larger organization, to determine the requirements that they would need to have the system work for them.  The application more than doubled in size, but contained the tools necessary to provide for the needs of the second organization.  It was determined at that time, that a comercially viable product was being created as long as it could keep two major principles as its vision -- it had to be easy to use and not require any real "techie" experience and it had to be inexpensive.
In October of 2009, EasyNetSites was established as a business in the State of Florida.  Our vision was to provide an easy-to-use toolset for a very focused target market comprised of genealogical, familial and historical societies.  Since then we have grown quite a bit and continue to create and update our tools to better support our clients needs.  Everything our application has to offer is because of our clients.  We listen closely to your needs and issues and design tools to solve your puzzles!
On March 1, 2021, the assets and customers of EasyNetSites were acquired by Blue Crab Software, LLC, a custom software development and web hosting company.  We are committed to keeping the product line and support intact, and look forward to offering additional options to our customer base.  The ENS system is indeed easy to use, and we are pleased to continue service to the many ENS customers.

At EasyNetSites, we believe in being there for you! A website is an ongoing process and you need the tools and support to be able to keep that process going.  We stand beside you every step of the way.  No one should ever be frustrated by software.  There is usually an easy answer and we aim to provide that for you!