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ENS Classic vs Responsive Systems

Hi ENS Clients!
Below is a link to download our 26-minute demonstration of the new ENS responsive system.  We show examples of the current classic version, which is not responsive, and then the new responsive system so you can see the differences in behavior.  We show how a responsive system changes on different size devices, and a non-responsive system does not.
But we also show how a responsive system looks different from the classic look.  The fonts are larger, the menu is across the top instead of down the side, and the page is divided into sections and columns with different design elements.  We show how to create a page completely from scatch and how to insert it in the menu system.
We are very excited about our pre-designed groups of blocks that let you create a professionally designed page very quickly.  Even WordPress doesn't have this capability.
This demo shows our software the way it currently exists.  It's not ready yet, but the core pieces are in place.  We expect the responsive version to be ready at the end of the first quarter of 2023.
Here's the demo, and below we'll post questions and answers that we get about it, so check back if you have a question.  We recommend viewing this at full size on a computer screen to see all the details.
  1. What is a 5-3-4 column?  You didn't explain what this means.
    • Answer:  We use a standard 12-column grid, so three evenly spaced columns would be 4-4-4.  Two evenly spaced columns would be 6-6.  The number of columns will fill the screen width-wise and add up to 12.  So a 5-3-4 layout has columns of different widths, used for different purposes.
  2. Will there be a way to move from the ENS Classic version to the ENS Responsive version?
    • Answer:  Yes.  We will move your website over for you if you choose to upgrade.  Note that because the entire design is different, you will undoubtedly want to rebuild many of your pages so they follow good responsive design principles, but we'll get your content, including all your membership tables, moved over for you.  We are already working on this process.
  3. Will there be a difference in cost between ENS Classic and ENS Responsive?
    • Answer:  Yes, although several caveats are in order.  First, we have not determined pricing yet.  Second, ENS-R contains some features like the overall header that are built in, and you will not have to pay a design fee unless you need something different.  So, once pricing is set, you will have to look at your own situation including the modules you use and compare the two prices.
  4. Do we have to switch to the new ENS-R?  We like our website just the way it is.
    • Answer:  No.  We plan to continue the ENS Classic version indefinitely, primarily to provide a very low cost alternative for organizations with limited budgets.  Note that there has not been a price increase on the Classic version in fifteen years, so it is incredibly inexpensive.  We want to continue to support the smaller genealogical, historical, familial, lineage, and alumni societies who often have very tight budgets.
  5. Do we have to use graphics software outside ENS?
    • Answer:  No, but you'll find basic editing like cropping a photo will help you lay out a page so it looks much better.  Generally, a photo will expand to fill the space alloted for it, and sometimes you'll want the picture to be smaller.  Also, you don't want to use huge photos because they take longer to download, so you may want to reduce the size of some images.  These are very basic editing techniques and easy to learn.  Higher quality, well lighted photos always improve a site as well, although you don't have to be a professional photographer!